Top 10 crypto to buy for long term.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

Market Cap: US$929.72 B
Bitcoin price was over US$57,000 last November, which is growth of about 11,400%. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022 for long-term profit.

Ethereum (ETH)

Market Cap: US$508.06 B
The price of ETH has witnessed a tremendous growth of about US411 ti over US$4,700 that is about 42,000%. It is one of the top 10 crypto to invest in 2022.

Binance Coin

Market Cap: US$96.75 B
Binance Coins can be traded and exchanged for other top cryptocurrencies even such as ETH and BTC. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.


Market Cap: US$76.06 B
Tether is not like the crypto, USDT is a stablecoin that is backed by fiat currencies such as U.S dollars and the Euro.It is one of the top crypto to invest in 2022.


Market Cap: US$57.64 B
Even though it was launched in 2020, it reached the high price last November when it was almost US$213.42. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.


Market Cap: US$45.91 B
Cardano is one of the top cryptocurrencies that has witnessed a growth of about 7,850% since its inception.


Market Cap: US$38.55 B
XRP is used to facilitate exchange of different currency types even including the top crypto and fiat currencies. Since 2017, it grew up to 16,666% until this November.

U.S. Dollar Coin

Market Cap: US$40.93 B
The coin is powered by ETH and can be helpful in making global tractions easily. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the crypto market.


Market Cap: US$28.29 B
Between September 2020 and November,its grew about 1,300% from US$2.93 to US$38.61.


Market Cap: US$23.18 B
Unlike many other cryptos, there is no limit on the number of Dogecoins that can be created, which leaves the currency susceptible to devaluation as supply increases.

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