Top 10 Countries Leading the AI Race.

In light of this goal the State Council of People’s Republic of China has declared to become a $150 billion AI global leader by 2030.


With the well-established tech culture in US, the country has been benefited with $10 billion venture capital channeling in direction of AI.

United States of America

In the continent of Europe, the UK is the clear leader with 121 AI-empowered firms. Tech companies in the UK raised private investment sum of $8.6 billion in 2017.

United Kingdom

The government of Canada plays an important role in investing into AI projects. In march 2017 the Canadian government committed to make $125 million investment for AI research.


According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the AI leader will rule the world. The country invests $12.5 million annually on AI.


The country is well known for its clockwork efficiency and is sufficiently versed in technical know-how. Germany is all set to blend its tradition with technology innovations.


Although, the country has a long way to go to become AI power yet the accelerator program launched in 2017 with $11 million of funding to develop Norway as a technological hub.


Sweden shows that 80 percent of residents are positive about AI and robots which means it would not be much of a pain for the country to replace human workers with AI.


The French AI initiatives will zoom into data with strategy to make private companies publicly release their data for utilising it as AI use-cases.


The impact of technology like artificial intelligence (AI) in the country can be measured from the influence of digital technologies on the economic elements and GDP which is 8 percent.


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