Top 10 Cloud Robotics Companies in 2022

It utilizes the power of cloud computing and process automation to create and modify cloud robotic solutions.

Automation – Workflow Automation

INVOLI serves in building infrastructure that enables the drone revolution, ensuring their safe consolidation into today’s aviation world and avoiding collisions with aircraft.


The company offers next-generation security automation technology to assist organizations around the globe to protect their cyber adversaries.

Salty Cloud, PBC (Public Benefit Company)

It merges intelligent software with flexible factory robots and machine learning to help the customers deliver the next-generation products.

Bright Machines

The company offers independent operations at scale for urban and industrial applications with seamless connectivity and cloud intelligence.

Soar Robotics

The company’s IPU accelerators and popular software together make the fastest and most ductile platform for current and future machine intelligence applications.


Arctoris collaborates with biotech and pharma companies as well as academic centers, enabling drug discovery projects to be run using advanced robotics.


Freedom Robotics integrates development and management tools in its cloud-based robotics management software to help in prototype, creating, operating, and scaling robot fleets.

Freedom Robotics

Covariant is competing directly with other cloud robotics start-ups such as Kindred and RightHand Robotics.


The company is also involved in prototyping, testing, and applying robotic solutions in unstructured public spaces.

RosHub – Robotic Fleet Management


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