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Top 10 Best AI Marketing Tools in 2022

Seventh Sense

Credit: Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense ensures that your emails arrive at the right time for each customer.


Credit: Phrasee

Phrasebook is based on its AI-based NLG system to help you come up with better subject lines.


Credit: SEMRush

SEMRush is a complete suite that enables you to do content marketing campaigns, SEO, & more.


Credit: Crayon

Crayon helps you track the movements of competitors. It is an intelligence tool and it enables you to monitor their digital footprint.


Credit: Acrolinx

Acrolinx can help improve content & deliver excellent results with accurate measurement of engagement & actions taken by the business.


Credit: Personalization

Personalization is king in marketing everywhere. This will empower you to personalize your campaigns for your audience


Credit: Grammarly

Grammarly will also analyze your content for ways it can be made much better.

Surfer SEO

Credit: Surfer SEO

SEO Surfer is an easy-to-use AI online tool. It is built for more technical SEO, allowing users to thoroughly audit an existing copy.

Market Muse

Credit: Market Muse

This tool helps harness the power of AI to create a content strategy for your business.


Credit: Copilot

Copilot builds out great tools for those who operate an e-commerce business and are looking for seamless integration


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