Top 10 Autonomous Vehicle Companies.

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General Motors

The company aims to introduce autonomous vehicles that can help lead a safe and less congested traffic in the future.

Hyundai (KIA)

Hyundai and KIA are considered as one of the biggest threats to Tesla. Hyundai is the parent company of KIA. Apparently, for every new Hyundai model, a new KIA model follows.


The company is expanding its presence in the US and is also heavily investing in charging stations via the Electrify America network.

Ford Motor

Ford is another solid competitor against Tesla. Recently, the company declared that the team is making strides in expanding its reach towards the electric and autonomous car domain.


The company already produced electric cars that run the roads with greater safety and swiftness. Its model EQS is a direct competitor of Tesla.


Rivian’s pickup trucks provide more range and towing capacity than the Tesla Cybertruck, although they have a more traditional pickup design.


The company is also planning on expanding its fully autonomous ride-sharing service that is piloted in Arizona.


The company promises electromobility without sacrificing a high-performance driving experience for the drivers and passengers.

Argo AI

The company believes that self-driving technology can impact global cities in a positive way where access to safe and reliable transportation.

Honda Motors

The company already built its EV prototypes long back and is planning on developing this technology more by 2030.

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