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Top 10 AI Stocks to Buy in 2022

Nvidia’s data center business represents a steadily increasing share of the company’s total revenue.


IBM’s strategy with AI is to apply the technology in ways that augment human intelligence, increase efficiency, or lower costs.

International Business Machines Corp.

Google and YouTube parent company Alphabet uses AI and automation in virtually every facet of its business, from ad pricing to content promotion to email spam filters.

Alphabet Inc

Micron Technology manufactures memory chips, including dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and NAND flash memory found in solid-state storage drives.

Micron Technology, Inc

In 2020, Microsoft announced the construction of a new supercomputer hosted in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing network.

Microsoft Corp.

Amazon’s e-commerce business is also built on Artificial Intelligence since algorithms run its top-flight recommendation engines for e-commerce and video and music streaming.

Amazon.com Inc

Meta is now shifting focus to applying AI technology to developing the metaverse, a digital world in which users interact in an immersive virtual environment.

Meta Platforms Inc.

The company’s tools help its customers accelerate software development and reduce cost and risk, and they have a wide variety of applications.

C3.ai Inc

NICE is a leading provider of software applications that manage call center operations and customer interactions.


Electronic signature and document automation specialist DocuSign has been investing heavily in AI technology to make contracts and documentation more efficient.

DocuSign Inc.


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