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Top 10 AI and Data Science Cheat Sheets.

Keras is an easy-to-use and powerful library for Theano and TensorFlow that provides a high-level neural networks API to develop and evaluate deep learning models.


Given the fact that it’s one of the fundamental packages for scientific computing, NumPy is one of the packages that you must be able to use and know if you want to do AI with Python.


Pandas library is one of the most preferred tools for data manipulation and analysis, and you’ll have explored the fast, flexible, and expressive Pandas data structures.


Use-Case Based Cheat Sheet by Yogita Kinha, currently Associate Managing Consultant at Mastercard.

Use-Case Based Cheat Sheet

This machine learning cheat sheet will help you find the right estimator for the job which is the most difficult part. Scikit-learn is a free software machine learning library.


Jupyter Notebooks are great for building various computer science applications and sharing your code with others. It can contain code, text, and visualization all in the same place.


NLP is the most popular branch of AI in the market. It deals with enabling the computer to understand and comprehend natural language.

Natural Language Processing

Data visualization is a key concept and it is not just used in finding results from the beginning of the project to explore the data and know-how to analyze it but also to find patterns.


While talking about visualization, you can design & create your visualization in Python using Matplotlib. And then from Matplotlib to data visualization Pandas are applied for data analysis.


Data science is a field that makes the collecting and analysis of data to predict future data and events. It helps businesses find trends, patterns, and others.



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