The US loves a winner, not a whiner, Joe

It is a poor worker who blames his tools, though apparently that wisdom hasn’t reached the Oval Office. That’s where widdle Joey Biden is crying about his predicament and blaming the help. 

He believes his aides are failing him and it’s their fault he’s as popular as poison ivy.

 News says he’s upset the slugs can’t dream up a winning message for Democrats this fall and are undercutting his image of being a straight-shooter by cleaning up things he says. 

The blame game is pathetic, but the last item is especially a howler, given Biden’s long career as a fabulist.

His Friday claim to Naval Academy grads that he was “appointed” to the Academy out of high school is the latest example of how he makes things up that are provably false.

For the big picture, NBC offers a compelling portrait of the internal disaster it calls a “White House adrift.”

“Sinking” would have been more appropriate, but why quibble with the first major article from a leftist media outlet that doesn’t blame everything on Donald Trump or Republicans.

It is shameful that it took 17 months of Biden’s misbegotten presidency for anyone in Big Media to detail a failing administration,

But NBC does a good job of laying out the turmoil that used to get wide coverage in Washington.

With Trump in the White House, every day was a turkey shoot and the race was on to see who could get the scoop that would bring him down.

That we’re finally seeing Biden getting grilled could signal the dam is breaking and he can no longer depend on the media to protect him from ugly facts and unhappy ­voters.


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