The Time Traveler's Wife Premiere

“Why is love intensified by absence?” Clare asks in the Time Traveler’s Wife series premiere, and she knows a thing or two about waiting for her MIA soulmate.

Adapted by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock) from Audrey Niffenegger’s book,

The drama begins with Clare (played by Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie) posing that question to the camera,

While a much older Henry (Sanditon‘s Theo James) separately says that time travel is “not a super power. It’s a disability. It’s what’s wrong with me.”

Presumably, someone behind the camera then asks when Clare and Henry first met. “I married a time traveler. It’s complicated,” Clare replies with a smile.

If you ask Henry, this is how the pair’s first meeting goes down: A 20-year-old Clare goes to the library one day, where she runs into 28-year-old librarian Henry.

She’s stunned to see him, especially so young and with such long hair. But Henry doesn’t recognize her.

She mentions a birthmark on his foot and a scar on his forehead, then explains that she’s known him for 14 years and is well aware of his time travel problem.

They agree to meet for dinner, and Clare practically leaps in excitement as she leaves the library.

Henry, meanwhile, frantically cleans his apartment and hides the products that clearly belong to his girlfriend, when he temporarily sees a giant pool of blood on the bathroom floor.

All of Henry travels with him, including his baby teeth, nail clippings and, in this worrisome example, his blood.


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