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The Role of Machine Learning in Bio-Tech

Identifying Gene Coding Regions

Next-generation sequencing has greatly improved the study of genomics by sequencing a gene in a short period of time.

Structure Prediction

PPI was mentioned before in the context of proteomics. However, the application of ML in structure prediction has increased accuracy from 70% to more than 80%.

Neural Networks

Deep learning is an extension of neural networks and is a relatively new topic in ML. The term “deep” in deep learning represents the number of layers through which data is changed.

Mental Illness

The bad news is that most people go undiagnosed since they are not sure if they have a problem. That is a stunning but harsh reality.

AI in Healthcare

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are widely employed by hospitals and healthcare providers to increase patient happiness, administer individualized treatments, and etc.

Final Thoughts

The development of digitization has rendered the twenty-first-century data-centric, affecting every business and sector.


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