The Platform Engineering Revolution

Defining Platform Engineering

As for a working definition of platform engineering, the methodology can be defined as the process of leveraging their chosen cloud platform to yield incredibly high-efficiency levels.

That value can be delivered quickly with no compromise on quality while reducing costs.

Put differently, platform engineering can be viewed as an asset to the organization. This is due in part to the methodology’s emphasis on planning, designing, and managing the chosen cloud platform.

This process can then be leveraged by the organization’s developers and IT professionals to develop and deploy solutions and software on a reliable platform free from the teething problems.

The Cloud and Platform Engineering

The advent of cloud platforms opened up a wealth of possibilities for organizations to take advantage of. Unfortunately, this also opened up Pandora’s Box in the form of challenges.

That said for an organization to take advantage of this technology these challenges need to be overcome.

Cloud computing has become the leading method for scaling up workloads and growing businesses at a steady rate.

It allows companies to build and run scalable applications in dynamic environments known as clouds.


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