ai and metaverse

The Future of AI and Metaverse.

Predictions for AI in 2030.

A report published from Harvard University presents the eight areas of human activity in which Artificial intelligence  technologies are already affecting urban life.

and will be even more pervasive by 2030: transportation, home/service robots, health care, education, entertainment, public safety and etc the workplace will be fully AI-enabled spaces.

Some of the biggest challenges in the next 15 years will be creating safe and reliable hardware for autonomous cars and healthcare robots;

Gaining public trust for Artificial intelligence systems, especially in low-resource communities; and overcoming fears that the technology will marginalize humans in the workplace.

How Far will the Metaverse Go in 2030

In its fully realized form, the metaverse promises to offer true-to-life sights, sounds, and even smells, whether a tour of ancient Greece or a visit to a Seoul café can happen from your home.

Decked out with full-spectrum VR headsets, smart clothing, and tactile-responsive haptic gloves,

The at-home traveler can touch the Parthenon in Athens or taste the rich foam of a Korean dalgona coffee. You wouldn’t even have to be you.

Members of the metaverse could prowl the Brazilian rainforest as a jaguar or take the court at Madison Square Garden as LeBron James.


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