The Batman review.

The Batman movie review:
Matt Reeves' addition to the lore of the Caped Crusader might just be one of the best film made on the Batman.

Crime and murder are on the rise and there's a vigilante on the street says a politician on TV scene of Matt Reeves The Batman acknowledging the existence of the man before the legend he becomes.

Much like the celebrated Batman: Year One storyline from the comics (and subsequent 2011 animated film), Reeves’ interpretation of the Dark Knight covers the end of the first age of the Batman.

When all he had to contend with were mobsters and street thugs - and ushers in the era of ‘freaks’ and villains. Many of whom he himself inspired.

As Bruce Wayne’s (Robert Pattinson) opening Rorschach-like voiceover tells us, he’s been Batman for two years. He’s lived “two years of night”.

We see a hooded figure walking through the crowded streets of Gotham, amongst the criminals and the scum, waiting for darkness to fall as he prepares for another night of vengeance.

They think I'm hiding in the shadows…But I am the shadows". Like the movie it introduces.

The excellently written, eerily powerful narration takes us inside Bruce’s unsettled, unrested mind, immersing us in his mission, his torment, his rage.

Aside from Year One, Matt Reeves and co-writer Peter Craig equally take inspiration from the Batman: The Long Halloween comic book storyline (also recently adapted into a two-part animated film).

Like that story, Reeves’ film follows a series of gruesome murders plaguing Gotham. A new psychotic murderer who calls himself The Riddler is executing corrupt officials.

His identity and endgame remain unknown. All he leaves behind are bodies and letters addressed to Batman.

With each victim come new clues, gradually uncovering a larger conspiracy that rocks Gotham City and Batman to their core.


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