The Adam Project’ Review.

The Adam Project is about a guy time-traveling back to meet himself as a kid, which is perfect because it's basically a trip back to the family adventures of the 1980s.

 Free Guy and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds stars as a wisecracking time-flyer in Netflix's breezy but heartfelt version of ET, Back to the Future and Flight of the Navigator for the Marvel generation.

The new flick is streaming on Netflix now. It's a fast-moving, family-friendly sci-fi romp reteaming Reynolds with director Shawn Levy after last year's hit Free Guy,

And it has a lot of that same infectious video game energy. Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner also star.

Newcomer Walker Scobell plays the young Adam, a weedy wiseass who's basically a magnet for bullying.

Less than 10 minutes into the film, he's exploring the woods with a flashlight, putting us solidly into ET territory.

But instead of a good-natured alien, he finds an injured Reynolds, who knows rather a lot about him.

The pair trade quips as Reynolds once again does his exasperated smart-ass thing (familiar from Deadpool as well as various Netflix flicks like Red Notice and 6 Underground).

Only this time, the buddy comedy bounces off a pint-size mirror image. 

This visitor from the future has brought some unwelcome guests, and cue some flashy fight scenes with Reynolds stylishly kicking ass. 

Though it all feels a bit low-stakes as the endless platoon of faceless bad guys just evaporate in bright colors like video game sprites turning into showers of coins.

Still, that makes it suitable for the little ones to watch alongside older kids and parents, all of whom should find something to enjoy.


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