The 10 Best Films of 2022.

It may be the greatest comic-book movie ever made. Its competition for that honor, “The Dark Knight,” was justifiably compared to a Michael Mann noir thriller.

The Batman

Everyone has a story worth telling, but few have the perspective or natural sense of cinema to fashion their experiences into a movie that merits it.


In this dark Tribeca Festival discovery, writer-director Josef Kubota Wladyka delves into the same gnarly territory as movies.

Catch the Fair One

In her best roles, Emma Thompson gives off such a wonderfully proper vibe that it’s delightful to watch her squirm as sexually repressed religious studies Nancy Stokes.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

You can’t ban abortion. You can only ban safe abortion. In America, that’s a lesson half the States seem willing to learn the hard way.


A.B. Zax’s documentary follows the life and fate of a beloved independent bookstore in Lenox, Massachusetts, and so you might expect it to be the sort of movie.

Hello, Bookstore

It’s a Netflix movie, and when you hear about it it sounds like…a Netflix movie: one of those expensive but cut-rate, overly brightly lit,


When you watch Daniel Roher’s extraordinary, riveting-as-a-thriller documentary about Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader who rose up against Vladimir Putin.


Belgian director Laura Wandel brings audiences down to the eye level of a seven-year-old girl in this simple yet profound look at how a child’s brain processes bullying.


No, it’s not as perfect a popcorn epiphany as the original “Top Gun.” How could it be, given that it’s working at every moment to tap our nostalgia for the first film.

Top Gun: Maverick


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