Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2022.

The last few years have witnessed an acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies, creating a significant demand for various digital services.

This rapid spike is primarily emerging from offices adopting hybrid work models, growing data security concerns, and overall business disruptions.

We can expect businesses to desire more control of their data, with a greater focus on the ability to facilitate portability and seamless response to the changing demands of the future.

Each implementation has its own benefits, and each comes with its own unique data protection requirements.

Owing to the severe impact of the pandemic, many organizations in India have shifted to a hybrid work environment and the adoption of digital transformation programs has also evidently increased.

This has made preserving as well as protecting data even more difficult, throwing down a challenge on Indian organizations to capitalize on this gap and safely utilize data and protect it.

As consumers are becoming more aware of the significance of data protection, we will continue to witness a spike in the demand for data protection solutions.

Organizations are looking at investing in suitable technology solutions and data protection strategies that will help them maintain their performance standard and uphold consumer trust.

With employees returning to work, organizations will work towards providing their users access to data and a flawless service experience across cloud environments.

With most workloads moving to the cloud, cloud-hosted IT delivery models like IaaS, SaaS will gain traction for production and disaster recovery. 

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