Taco Bell runs out of Mexican Pizzas

The Mexican Pizza is back for good, once the company restocks on supplies, according to its Twitter announcement May 31.

On the official Taco Bell Twitter page, the company admits the love for the fan-favorite is greater than anticipated.

"Turns out we underestimated how many of you love Mexican Pizza," the tweet read. "7x more than we expected, to be exact.

We are working as fast as we can to restock Mexican Pizza ingredients. We'll need some time to replenish our supplies, but when it comes back, we promise it's here to stay."

Late last week the company announced it was postponing Mexican Pizza: The Musical, which was going to star Dolly Parton,

Who has a self-professed love for the Mexican Pizza, along with rap artist Doja Cat, who was outspoken in calling for the Mexican Pizza's return.

Doja Cat and Parton, were two of many fans calling for the item's return. One "super fan" Krish Jagirdar started an online petition, that garnered more than 170,000 signatures to bring back the pizza.

Taco Bell was obviously well aware of the petition because shortly after issuing the press release, it responded to the Change.org post reiterating the return of the Mexican pizza.

"Wow. You did it. All 171,735 of you. You saved Mexican pizza," the response read. "So, thank you. Thank you for your signatures and support. Thank you for every comment, tweet, and request.

Thank you to Krish Jagirdar for never giving up on Mexican pizza and starting this petition.

And to our team members, we’re sorry for every time you’ve had to answer "when is Mexican Pizza coming back?

Taco Bell also said rewards members were promised a "mysterious IOU from back in February during that big-sports-game-we’re-not-legally-allowed-to-mention"

And announced the reward would be a Mexican pizza, which made its scheduled, triumphant return May 19.


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