State Farm Car Insurance Review for 2022

State Farm ranks second overall in our 2022 Best Car Insurance Companies rating. It performs well in several key categories, including customer loyalty, customer recommendations, and policy renewals.

Is State Farm Car Insurance Good?

Yes, It is good car insurance for most drivers. Based on our customer survey results, State Farm earns the No. 2 spot in our Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022 rating with a score of 4.2 out of 5. 

It also has above-average scores in each of the subcategories we analyzed, including customer satisfaction, claims handling, policy renewals, and customer recommendations.

State Farm also has competitive rates and ranks No. 3 in our Cheapest Car Insurance Companies rating.

On average State Farm customers pay $1,267 a year for coverage, about 17% less than the national average of $1,529. USAA and Geico are the only two insurers in our study to offer lower average rates.

State Farm Customer Service

State Farm takes the No. 2 spot in our Best for Customer Service subrating. Based on our customer survey results, State Farm scores a 4.35 out of 5.

Fifty-nine percent of State Farm customers who have not filed a claim say they are completely satisfied with the ease of contacting customer service and the service they received.

Customers who filed a claim provided similar feedback, though satisfaction rates dropped slightly to 56%.


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