Secure Funding as a Robotics Startup.

Decide on the type of funding your business requires

Do not indulge with Venture Capitalists when you lack clarity as to what your company’s goals are, i.e.,

If you are looking for a short-term investment or want to exit the company after gaining certain traction.

Build a dependable team

As the saying goes, the first 10 members of your team are the 10 musketeers of the business.

It holds significance particularly when you are a start-up with a team with who you literally live in for the most part of the day.

Product awareness is as important as the product

Robotics is quite a new domain and there is the possibility that founders don’t have enough marketing experience in promoting their products.

The success with a product design is mistaken for its overall success, a blind spot entrepreneurs should steer clear off.

Where to look for money

Now that all pre-requisites are fulfilled, the all-important question arises: Where to go to seek robotic funding?

The answer is not simple unless you have a bellicose investor who just wants to experiment with money.


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