Row erupts over controversial AFL call

Port Adelaide mentor Ken Hinkley has supported his club specialist after partners Zak Butters and chief Tom Jonas didn't get blackout tests following a revolting head conflict.

The pair impacted intensely during the final quarter of Thursday night's 12-guide misfortune toward Richmond, with the two players coming starting from the earliest stage get clinical therapy.

Spreads was left draining from the cheek while the effect cut Jonas over his right eye.

In the wake of expenditure six and eight minutes on the seat separately, the two players got back to the match, with pariahs addressing whether blackout conventions were followed accurately.

Assuming that was five minutes into the primary quarter, both those young men are ground floor getting a blackout test, previous Essendon player Adam Ramanauskas said on ABC radio.

The fact of the matter is the game is on the line. I could do without it. All things considered, I won't at any point challenge a specialist yet… I'm scrutinizing the cycle.

Asked in his post-match public interview about the occurrence, Hinkley dismissed any endeavor to address Power specialist Mark Fisher's navigation.

Under the AFL's blackout conventions, any players who gives side effects or any indications of blackout should be briefly subbed from the counterpart briefly appraisal.

I believe you'd need to be outrageously certain you're doing whatever it takes not to umpire or settle on certain decisions from outside the wall when you have no information.

We have an extremely experienced specialist who has the highest regard in the AFL.


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