Project Ideas for Engineering Students.

In the domain of electrical engineering, a transmission line plays a crucial role.

Real-Time Transmission Line Monitoring Bot

Due to the exponential increase in population and the rapid development of urban cities, waste management has become quite challenging.

Metal and Plastic Segregation Mechanical Setup

Robotics arms have a wide variety of applications in real-world industrial use. Currently, it is the core of all manufacturing processes.

FPGA-Based Robotics Arms

In a physiotherapy rehabilitation process, a physiotherapist needs to give regular massages to the patients who suffer from various health complications.

Physiotherapy Robot

Experts believe that self-navigating robots are the future of robotics. The aim of this project is to create a self-navigating robot with integrated GPS technology.

Amphibious Robot

Generally, a lien following robot has integrated controllers in it. But this project focuses on creating a line following robot with microcontrollers.

Line Follower Robot without Controller

The global trends in developing technological equipment for feeding cattle include the automation and robotization of various processes.

Milk Feeding Robot

The advancement of technology has enabled smartphones to control a host of electrical and electronic devices, including motor cars, music systems, etc.

Smart Phone-Controlled Robotic Car

The primary objective of this project is to detect the metal near the sensor. Whenever the sensor comes close to the metal, it makes a buzzing sound from its speaker.

Metal Detector Robot

This Solar Panel Cleaning Robot aims to maintain the efficiency of solar power production by making sure the Solar panels are kept clean without putting humans at risk.

Solar Panel Cleaning System


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