Polkadot flips DOGE, Bitcoin at $20,000

Bitcoin at $20,000

The cost of Bitcoin has fallen to $20,190 on the morning of June 15.

This is the most lowest Bitcoin cost since December 2020 and a loss of 31% in cost throughout the last week. Bitcoin has a general strength list (RSI) of 26.

While this is the most reduced since something like 2018 - and a solid purchase pointer for Bitcoin - there's no indication of the Bitcoin cost  recovering yet.

With the US Federal Reserve expected to declare financing cost climbs in the coming week, the Bitcoin cost could almost volatile stay unstable until the end of June.

Polkadot flips Dogecoin

Polkadot has flipped the market capitalisation of Dogecoin to join the crypto top 10.

The crypto cost of Polkadot (DOT) is presently $7.09 and down 3% in the previous day.

While DOT is down 22% in cost over the past of the last week, Dogecoin is down 35% to a cost of $0.05233.

Polkadot has a market cap of $6.95 billion today while Dogecoin's market cap has fallen to $6.88.


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