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Penny Robotics Stocks for Good Returns.

This company is known for coming up with innovative advances in artificial intelligence to make products smarter for consumers.

iRobot Corporation

The company has carved a niche for itself in offering a wide range of products such as programmable automation controllers, human-machine interface products, sensing devices, etc.

Rockwell Automation

Fanuc Corporation has a list of products to its name including servo motors, lasers, robots, and electric injection molding machines, among others.

Fanuc Corporation

ABB Ltd. makes and sells robotics, motion, and industrial automation products. As far as the company’s performance is concerned, the year 2022 started on a very positive note.


Though this is a debutant in the market, the performance has been phenomenal – so much so that the investors are highly inclined towards it.

UiPath Inc.

Novanta Inc. has gained wide recognition for providing electronic equipment and instruments to original equipment manufacturers.

Novanta Inc.

Omnicell, Inc. is also known for providing automation solutions. The sector catered to is that of the health industry. Industry experts, too, believe in the fact that Omnicell, Inc.

Omnicell, Inc.

iRhythm as a medical device company grabbed eyeballs for its Zio Patch cardiac monitoring system. This company enjoys a market cap of about US$3.5 billion.


Zebra Technologies is known for developing mobile computing devices to help employees of a company work more effectively and efficiently.

Zebra Technologies

Company offers robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery equipment and solutions. Intuitive Surgical Inc. is a global technology company with a market cap of US$130 billion.

Intuitive Surgical Inc.


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