Parsi New Year Nowruz 2022.

This festival is celebrated by most Parsis in India who follow Shahenshahi calendar in the month of August during one of the immediate days after independence day on 15th August.

Google on Sunday celebrated the first day of spring, also marked as the first day of Parsi New Year which is popularly celebrated as Nowruz.

The festivity of Nowruz is celebrated all over India and beyond with great enthusiasm from the Parsi communities.

The day is called Nowruz which can be split into ‘now’ meaning new and ‘ruz’ meaning day, meaning ‘a new day.’

Nowruz marks the beginning of Farvardin, the first month of the Solar Hijri calendar, and is typically celebrated on March 20 or 21 all over the world.

However, in India, most Parsis follow Shahenshahi calendar, according to which, Nowruz is celebrated around the time of independence day in August.

Nowruz is considered as a day for good deeds and speaking good words.

For this day, like other indian festivities like Diwali and Eid, people clean and decorate their homes, buy new clothes, and have celebrations with feasts involving the family and friends.

Nowruz is celebrated in many countries with Parsi populations, such as Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, and parts of Central Asia.

In India, Nowruz is mostly celebrated around August 16-17 by the Parsi community following the Shahenshahi calendar which does not comprise of leap year.

Some people, however, also celebrate it in March. Some of the traditional dishes of Nowruz are Akoori, Falooda, Patra Ni Macchi, Dhansak, Ravo, Sali Boti and Saffron Pulao.


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