Overlooked Sources of Free College Aid

Three Overlooked Sources of Free College Aid

As parents and prospective students begin to think about applying for scholarships, what they often don't realize is that they may already qualify for free college aid,

Depending on where they live and their financial situation. Here are three sources of aid you might be missing out on.

State-sponsored free college aid

It's not just colleges and universities offering access to free college aid, as your state government might also be an option.

In some states, like New Mexico and Oregon, there are programs that allow students to access free tuition without a lot of restrictions.

There are some states, however, where a free education only applies to community colleges.

Once you finish at the community college, you might have to transfer to another school to complete your education.

Even with just two years of debt-free community schooling, you can still make a lot of progress without piling on debt.

Other states that offer free college aid, like New York, might have specific requirements for income or merit.

Even so, checking with your state's department of education can help you find out what programs are available to help cover some of your costs.


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