New Amsterdam Finale Recap

A hurricane turned out to be the last of Max and Helen’s worries on New Amsterdam‘s Season 4 finale.

The episode begins with Helen remarking that she must have underpacked because her suitcase closed too easily.

Well, who says you need clothes?” Max cheekily replies. He also informs her that the botanical garden is all set for their nuptials.

But then the Category 4 storm that was predicted to hit the Carolinas changes course for New York.

Max’s frantic text messages to Helen (who is labeled “My Boo” in his contacts!) asking if her flight has been redirected go unanswered.

And there’s no flight record on his tracking app. When the hurricane passes, Max finally gets a message from Helen the next morning: “Today has been… I have no words. Will call you ASAP.

Meanwhile, Reynolds suggests the hospital rooftop as an alternate location for the wedding now that the botanical garden is a no-go.

Max leaves Helen a voicemail about how it’s perfect for them since this place has always been magic for us.

It’s where they met and fell in love so it feels like the right place to start their forever, he concludes.

As Max is standing in his suit, surrounded by their friends, he gets a call from Helen.

She’s still in London. “I can’t,” she cries. Shocked and crestfallen, Max tells his worried friends, “She’s not coming.”

Now let’s review where the other docs found themselves at the end of the finale.


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