Netflix and Meta Stocks May Fall in Q2.

Famous tech stocks like Netflix and Meta are encountering extreme strain - stock-wise, and validity wise as well.

They have different plans of action however as far as the dive in share costs, they are in a comparable situation.

For Netflix's situation, with the finish of the COVID-19 pandemic blast and gradually decreasing stay-at-home culture, its portion cost has dove as much as 40% between October 2021 and mid-April, 2022

The issue has been compounded with many paid supporters leaving the streaming stage and joining its new rivals which offer a similar encounter at a lesser cost.

Meta has not encountered the level of the defeat of Netflix stock yet that doesn't liberate it from weakness.

Once known for amazing business development even among the Big Tech organizations, it is losing clients in light of multiple factors,

One significant blow being the deficiency of Russian clients due to the suspension of their administrations in Russia because of the Russia-Ukraine war.

In this setting, the inquiry is whether one ought to sell the Meta stock or Netflix stock to save their wallets from bringing about misfortunes later on.

The investors’ reactions are not exactly the same and one can identify three different types of reactions. First, there are investors who are bent on selling the tech stocks and are already doing so.

Their ‘enough is enough’ logic comes from their overestimation of the potential of Netflix and Meta platforms, and they are not ready to lose money anymore through Netflix stock,

And Meta stock respectively. At the moment they do not see any possibility of recovery by these two firms and they have no plan to invest in them in near future.

But among those investors who are selling tech stocks, there is another category,

Composed of those who are doing it with the hope of buy-back if and when the price of the stocks falls further, say under the US$150.

The latter strategy is particularly associated with Meta stocks as a number of investors are optimistic that Meta will regain much of its earlier position in the social media world, 


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