National Puppy Day 2022.

History of National Puppy Day

March 23 has been celebrated as National Puppy Day in the States since 2006. Dog trainer, author, and founder of the Day, Colleen Paige's aim is to help more and more pups get rescued and adopted.

 Throw a party

You can prepare their favorite foods, of course not anything that's harmful to them, but natural foods that are good for their health.

Have a pup photo shoot

Get your fur-baby ready for a photo shoot. Arrange your choice of props around them and have them look at the camera. You have to be a patient photographer to get the best shots.

Get your puppy a new toy

Chew toys are best for young pups, because of their habit of chewing everything at that age. You can also get a custom-made plush toy or a miniature figure that looks exactly like your puppy.

Teach your puppy something new

You can help with advanced dog training, or simply teach them a trick and reward them when they do it right. Teaching early has its benefits, they pick up sooner and remember well.


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