Mushe Will Become the Next Crypto Giant.



Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralised open-source blockchain system that enabled the innovation of many crypto features to happen in the digital financial industry.

Ethereum did this mainly through its successful attempt to popularise Decentralised Finance (DeFi), with many other currencies following the trend.

Although Ethereum is the market-leading coin for decentralisation and security in the market,

The network continues to revolutionise crypto and investors await a highly-anticipated upgrade that is currently under work.

The upgrade should help institutional investors to put money to raise the price of Ether and contribute to seeing a more scalable, secure, and sustainable blockchain.



Mushe (XMU) is the governing token of the Mushe Ecosystem and is a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer interaction, rewards, governance utility, and provides liquidity to exchanges.

The XMU governs most responsibilities in the Mushe ecosystem.

Mushe Wallet allows investors to buy, and exchange crypto coins. Mushe Chat is a social platform that prohibits third parties from accessing the personal information of investors.

Mushe DeFi, where token holders can vote, and play a lottery, with other rewards programs. Mushe Verse is a place to socialise, play and earn in their Metaverse ecosystem.

Mushe NFTs where NFTs that represent ownership of Mushe services can be bought with the XMU Token. Mushe Metabank allows investors to use XMU to buy and sell a range of Metaverse products.


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