Moon Knight Episode 3 Review.

The third episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight, “The Friendly Type”, winds up feeling like a puzzle-solving diversion for the most part,

And that’s a bit frustrating considering there are only six of these bad boys in total and we’re halfway through them by the end of it,

But we do get to learn some key information about Marc Spector and Layla El-Faouly during the events that play out, so it’s not a total loss.

We begin by focusing on Layla, Marc’s estranged wife and Khonshu’s preferred choice for a new Moon Knight avatar.

Layla is getting ready to re-enter Egypt after a decade away, and she briefly touches on what happened before she left Egypt:

Her father died on an archaeological dig, but Layla has precious little information about what exactly happened on that fateful day. 

If you’re a fan of the Moon Knight comics, this is probably the full confirmation you needed that Layla is the MCU’s reshaped version of Marlene Alraune.

You may also have some idea of what happened to her father.

Meanwhile, the golden scarab compass leads Arthur Harrow to Ammit’s tomb, and his followers begin their dig.

He’s aware that Marc is tracking him, but he doesn’t really give a flying fig – Harrow is confident that the arrogant Khonshu will somehow mess it up, and sadly he’s not entirely wrong, is he?

In the city, Marc fights some punks on a rooftop for morsels of information about Harrow’s whereabouts,

And we get a strong, daylit look at how Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Studios fight training has paid off – pretty good!

We also establish that although Marc can be a brutal mercenary, he often stops short of being deadly with his human combatants. I suspect this information will become very important in later episodes.


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