Moon Knight episode 1 review.

Powered by a consummate performance by Oscar Isaac as a mentally ill man who gets superpowers from an Egyptian god, Moon Knight is the best MCU TV series yet.

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s so-called Infinity Saga ended with Avengers: Endgame, the higher-ups at Marvel Studios have tried to make way for more diverse kind of storytelling.

Particularly with the recent crop of Disney+ MCU TV shows like WandaVision,

The writers and directors were allowed more freedom to craft narratives set in a more contained smaller universes — up to a point.

For instance, WandaVision was literally set in its pocket dimension before the full picture emerged.

Loki, similarly, took the Asgardian supervillain-turned-anti-hero to a dimension beyond all dimensions.

It was a shame that despite their stratospheric production values and having Kevin Feige as an overseer,

They all ended up being either wholly terrible (Hakweye and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) or with botched finales (WandaVision and Loki).

The latest offering, Moon Knight, is the first genuinely interesting and entertaining Marvel superhero TV show so far (critics were not provided with the final two episodes).

Based on the lunar-themed superhero of the same name, the show is created by Jeremy Slater and stars Oscar Isaac, who makes his MCU debut here.


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