Moon Knight' Episode 1 Recap.

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe show of 2022 is here, with Moon Knight's season opener hitting Disney Plus on Wednesday.

This one introduces Steven Grant, played by an extremely charming Oscar Isaac, a London museum gift shop employee with a deep (and unappreciated) knowledge of Egyptian gods and culture.

However, that's only one side of the character. He wakes up shackled to his bed, with a series of security measures so he'll know if he's been on a mysterious sleepwalking jaunt in the night.

Through the episode, it becomes clear that Steven is grappling with another personality.

Marc Spector has been pulling Steven away from his quiet Egypt-nerd life and taking him on international espionage adventures while he sleeps.

Even more rudely, Marc asks a woman out (did he use Steven's London accent?), makes him miss the date and leaves him to deal with the fallout.

In extreme moments, Steven blacks out and awakens to find he's committed some act of intense violence as Marc. 

There's also another rather mean voice (F. Murray Abraham) in his head, calling him stuff like "worm,

"idiot" and "parasite," and he encounters a terrifying giant mummy with a bird skull. It's a lot for the poor lad.


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