07 February, 2022
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Metaverse cryptos to buy in 2022.


Enjin coin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that backs the value of fungible and non-fungible tokens.


Illuvium, a blockchain-based open-world RPG fantasy game, is built on top of Ethereum. One of the reasons why Illuvium is highly valued is because it is the first AAA game.


Render is that one decentralized network that makes use of people’s idle graphics processing units (GPUs) to create those visuals.

Axie Infinity

Talking about Axie Infinity, it is a “battle game” where users battle their Axies (creatures or characters) in real-time.


Yet another Ethereum-based “virtual reality platform” where you can buy, build upon, and monetize plots of virtual land in Decentraland.


Metahero is more or less associated with creating HD avatars of real-world objects and persons using 3D scanning.

Wilder world

Wilder World has grabbed attention as a community-focused 5-D platform that is home to several games and NFT-based projects.


If you have been looking for a virtual world where players can buy as well as develop land, build games, trade non-fungible tokens then there cannot be a better option to consider than Sandbox.


The fact that the Ethereum network is the most active blockchain globally has made it a lot easier for Ethereum to be one of the top and most-popular coins on this list.


Bloktopia is yet another decentralized metaverse that is built and backed by Polygon, one of the leading blockchains in the world.

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