Metaverse Coins With Best Potential

Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency games. It is an Ethereum-based metaverse game that allows users to build many 3D items, including buildings, vehicles etc.

Users can add these items to the blockchain as NFTs, which they can now sell on secondary markets such as Opensea or the Sandbox’s crypto marketplace.

SAND is the primary medium of exchange on The Sandbox. It can be used to make purchases on The Sandbox (SAND) marketplace.

Since Sandbox (SAND) is also a play-to-earn platform, users can earn SAND by playing games.

Mushe Token (XMU)

Mushe Token (XMU) is a decentralized token that facilitates peer-to-peer interaction, rewards and governance.

The founders of Mushe Token (XMU) hope to propel the adoption of Blockchain worldwide.

Mushe Token is built on the Ethereum network. Still, it will support other blockchain networks, including Stellars open network, a proven blockchain known for low transaction costs.

A decentralized blockchain built to scale user-friendly applications. This is what makes Mushe Token (XMU) a multi-chain token.


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