Marvel's Moon Knight Trailer.

'Welcome to chaos', is how Marvel Entertainment introduces its latest project, Moon Knight.

The superhero series has been raising the intrigue quotient with its mysterious visuals in the trailer and other promos.

The members of the cast and crew recently opened up on the series in the latest promo.

The stars shared their views on the presence of the 'duality', 'dark' theme, unpredictability and the mystery still remains.

One also got a glimpse into the superhero's transformation and the glimpse of the Egyptian Moon God too was seen.

The first trailer of Moon Knight, featured the protagonist played by Oscar Isaac, battling with his state of mind, staring into the ceiling,

playing with the Rubik's Cube, revealing that he had sleeping disorder, breaking down, waking up from a nightmare and finding himself chained.

In the latest promo, one could see him transforming into the Moon Knight. He was seen chasing someone, falling to the ground from a height and running away in fear.

At the same time, one could see the Moon Knight catching his weapon in the dark, as well as the other characters with powers, including the Egyptian Gods and the pyramids.

May Calamawy, who plays the character, Layla El-Faouly, said, The tone is like Fight Club meets Indiana Jones. It is a bit dark at times. To tie it into something so vast and supernatural it's amazing

Director Mohamed Diab said, "The way we're tackling the story, we learn about Steven, then we learn about Marc. And they're the same person." 

Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, who also serves as the Executive Producer, said, "Moon Knight is a spectacular character. He's got an incredibly unique visual look."

Moon Knight gears up for release on March 30. It will be streamed on Disney+.  Marvel's Moon Knight trailer: Superhero's transformation & Khonshu glimpse; stars open up


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