Make Passive Income From Crypto in 2022.

What is staking?

Staking works similar to a savings account that pays interest. You can stake a portion or all of your crypto holdings (with a token that allows it) for a percentage-rate return on the investment.

Returns are usually paid in the native token, and even the biggest crypto tokens offer staking pools to new investors.

Staking-enabled cryptocurrencies usually employ what is called ‘proof-of-stake’ methodology to ensure transactions are validated and safe – without a bank or processor in between.

What are rewards?

Rewards tokens are cryptocurrencies that pay out a reward to coinholders. Like staking, it’s a means for investors to watch their initial deposit grow.

However, rewards are paid out regardless of entering into a staking contract. This can reduce the risk of your investment, however may also see you earning less money depending on the rewards policies

With top rewards tokens like SafeMoon, rewards are paid out in the native SAFEMOON token. The SafeMoon protocol pays out rewards proportionally to the size of your holdings.


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