Macron Loses Majority In Election

French President Emmanuel Macron has suffered a major setback in the parliamentary elections.

Macron, who won the presidential election two months ago, has lost a majority in the National Assembly.

Macron had more than 300 seats in the National Assembly in April, which has now come down to 245. A majority in the National Assembly of France requires 289 seats.

At the same time, the National Rally Party of the right-wing leader Marine Le Pen and the coalition of the Left parties has achieved great success.

Le Pen's party has increased its strength to 89 with a lead of 8 seats. On the other hand, the Left parties, who contested together under the NUPES alliance, got 131 seats.

These shocking election results have caused turmoil in French politics. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne says the situation is shocking.

Modern France had never seen such a National Assembly. This is a dangerous situation for our country.

National Rally party spokesman Laure Lovelet says the National Assembly now better reflects the views of the French electorate and that his party will engage in a constructive opposition.

Experts say that the coming 5 years will be full of agreements for Macron.


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