Luna 2.0 Crypto Jumps 700%

Seems like Luna 2.0 is finally taking off as investors are trusting the crypto again

Will Terra Luna recover to previous highs over $100?

CoinMarketCap has the Terra Luna price at $8.32 with a self-reported market cap of $1.7 billion.

The current market cap is far below the previous Terra Luna market cap (now Luna Classic or LUNC) of over $40 billion at the beginning of May.

A total of 1 billion new Luna crypto tokens have been minted to launch the Terra 2.0 network but only 30% have been released,

With the remaining 70% vested and made available over a period of two years.

If you’re looking for huge jumps in price, check out EverGrow Coin

EverGrow Coin is another crypto in the Binance ecosystem, which is predicted for huge jumps in price this 2022.

The EverGrow Coin model is built upon a 14% transaction tax where 8% is redistributed as BUSD rewards, 3% put towards liquidity, 2% for buyback and burn and 1% for marketing.

Since launching in September last year EverGrow Coin has paid over $37 million in BUSD to investors and burned close to 53% of its initial token supply.


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