Launch a Tech Startup with No Money

Build a Good Product

Your product should be something consumers need. Out of the 305 million startups created each year, 1.35 million are tech startups.

Focus on Early Adopters

To avoid running out of cash, you need to target paying customers quickly and get them on board. Early adopters are willing to co-develop by suggesting product improvements.

Seek Funding

Once you launch the startup, seek funding opportunities to boost it. If you already have paying customers–early adopters–you have a better chance of getting investor capital.

Build a Great Team

If you are not a tech expert, find experienced and skilled professionals to help grow your tech startup. As of 2020, about 3 million people were employed in the IT sector in the U.S.

Stay Agile

For the tech startup to make money and become successful, it needs to stay agile. Ask for user feedback regularly and use it to improve products and services.


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