Top 10 AI LinkedIn Groups in 2022.

It is a collaborative group of AI researchers who work on next-generation machine intelligence.


 A diverse group that has spread its reach into areas that include artificial intelligence, robotics, AR, VR, driverless cars, fintech, IoT, Big data, blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse.

Future Technology

If you are looking for a LinkedIn group to deliberate on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning topics in one place, this is the right place.

AI/ ML/ Deep learning

Chronologically, it is the oldest existing LinkedIn AI, group. Here you can find discussions on topics like artificial intelligence, etc.


Having around 18K members from different areas of expertise, this group is meant for AI researchers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines.

AI Researchers

It is a group meant for people who want to explore the impact of AI in Human Resource Management and Digital HR.

AI Human Resources

Here members are experts hailing from the marketing and retail industry, interested in applying AI and machine learning in their day-to-day operations

Analytics and AI in marketing and retail

Applied artificial intelligence helps business people with making accurate and cost-saving decisions and it is an ever-evolving landscape.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

A news feed and blogging group for AI enthusiasts who would like to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

The AI group

People who need insights into analytical approaches and the strategies required for designing AI products, this group is the one.

Global Analytics Network


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