Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday sharpened their criticisms of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson,

Probing her work as a public defender on behalf of terrorism suspects, the judicial sentences she has handed down for child pornography offenses and her views of critical race theory.

Jackson defended her record in a handful of tense exchanges with Republican members, clearly disagreeing with accusations from Texas Sen.

Ted Cruz that she was too lenient in the child pornography sentencing decisions. 

Democrats on the evenly split panel said Jackson’s record as a federal trial judge and appeals judge on the D.C. Circuit Court showed she was an impartial jurist. 

Senators on the committee had 30 minutes to question Jackson during a lengthy session that began at 9 a.m. and appeared ready to stretch into the night.

The hearing opened with questions from Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, that gave Jackson an opportunity to preempt several lines of attack expected from Republican senators.

Nearly all are expected to vote on the floor against her nomination.

Jackson described to Durbin her process for removing her own biases as a judge and articulated a vision of a constrained federal judiciary,

A day after Republican senators complained that Jackson had not disclosed her judicial philosophy and said they feared she would be an activist justice.


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