ITC Share Price: Great jump in ITC share

ITC Share Price

The stock of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) giant ITC is rising steadily. This stock has seen good growth in the year 2022 and in the last 6 days, the stock has seen a rise of 10 percent.

How is it doing Trade in

ITC The share of ITC was trading on the BSE Sensex with a jump of 2 per cent yesterday and made a 3-year high of Rs 293.

Why is there a rise in

This is also one of the reasons for the good results of this company in the January-March quarter and in this the company's net profit had come down to Rs 4195 crore with a growth of 12 percent.

Motilal Oswal had increased trust on the stock

Recently in June, Motilal Oswal had improved its rating by increasing confidence in ITC's stock and put it in the category of 'Buy on Demand'.


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