Is AIOps in Enterprises Getting Real.

What is AIOps?

AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is the application of machine learning techniques to automate the detection and resolution of common IT problems.

This could include combing through IT monitoring alerts, responding to issues, or performing heavy lifting tasks related to infrastructure system maintenance.

How and Why is It Infused in the Enterprising Industry?

AIOps is becoming more popular among businesses, who see it as a practical and required component of a portfolio of next-generation IT solutions.

Many companies claim that their incapacity to manage vast amounts of data is one of the main reasons they haven’t been able to adequately monitor events and systems in their environments.

Is it a Future Goal or Reality?

AIOps had become a ubiquitous industry buzzword, prompting multiple IT vendor mergers and acquisitions, as well as much conjecture about a fully automated, AI-driven computing future.

Some AIOps suppliers, such as Dynatrace, have openly embraced the concept of “NoOps,” anticipating a world of completely self-healing, self-managing systems that do not require human interaction.

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