iPhone 14 launch date has finally leaked

Judging by precedent, the iPhone 14 will launch on a Tuesday in September, and a leaker has now given us a good idea of which Tuesday we should mark in our calendars.

According to the Apple-focused site iDropNews, based on information from its own sources,

The Apple September Event in 2022 will take place on September 13 - that's right in the middle of the month, basically when we expected it.

Take this date with a pinch of salt for now, because so far in advance, it's possible that this date is just a placeholder for Apple.

The company could push the date for a variety of reasons if needs be - and the leaker might just be wrong. 

The leaker says that Apple will have one occasion on the thirteenth, and it probably won't be the iPhone 14 send off,

However since Apple will in general host its iPhone dispatches on Tuesdays in September, the timings line up.

The leaker has proposed heaps of additional contraptions are coming other than the iPhone 14, however there's nothing referenced that we haven't heard previously.

Evidently, there will be four iPhone 14s (the standard model is said to come close by a Max, Pro and Pro Max adaptation),

The Apple Watch 8 close by an 'Outrageous Edition' for additional outdoorsy pursuits, the more reasonable Apple Watch SE 2, the AirPods Pro 2, and the new iPad (2022).

With that large number of new items, it's conceivable that the organization will have two send off occasions as it did in 2020 - then, we saw new iPads and Apple Watches sooner than the year's iPhones

On the off chance that this occurred, September 13 would likely be for the non-iPhone gadgets, following the manner in which it occurred in 2020, with the iPhone 14 family showing up later.

Since Apple for the most part declares its send off occasions seven days before they occur,

We'll probably need to hold on until September 6 to check whether something is going on the thirteenth - however leakers could let us know what's in store first.


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