Internet of Things Stocks to Buy in USA.

Amazon could be considered the king of smart home device retailing. Amazon's smart home dominance includes a wide range of integrated products and services.

Amazon.com Inc

Best Buy is a retailer at the top of the list when people think of buying a connected home device.

Best Buy Co. Inc

In addition to being a top smart home shopping destination, Walmart is investing in IoT to add efficiency to its business operations. 

Walmart Inc

Home Depot has free online tools that help customers find smart home products that work with home automation systems.

Home Depot Inc

Lowe's has a comprehensive list of hundreds of home improvement smart products, both in its online and physical stores.

Lowe's Cos. Inc

Target, one of the world's top retailers, is known to be a great place to shop for smart devices at affordable prices, capturing a healthy amount of the smart home market.

Target Corp

The company also markets Google Home, a line of smart speakers integrated with Google and third-party services, including voice-controlled home automation.

Alphabet Inc

Smart speakers are only a small part of the overall businesses of Amazon and Alphabet, but Sonos is more of a pure play on smart home devices.

Sonos Inc


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