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Is Blood & Treasure finally back with a bang? Is CSI: Vegas due for a supersizing? Might the Ghosts brave a field trip in Season 2? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

With one of the Blood & Treasure leads [Matt Barr] already cast in their own CW show,

What are the chances for a Season 3 renewal? Or should we go into this long-awaited second season assuming it’s the end?

When I recently spoke to Barr, he was gung-ho about Blood & Treasure Season 2 (streaming on Paramount+ starting July 17) — and not entirely ruling out a renewal.

We shot [Season 2] all over Thailand, and Italy, and Quebec…. We took Season 1 and just amped it up, it’s like Season 1 on steroids!” he said.

It’s a really special season; I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

And as for whether it will leave fans clamoring for even more, he answered, “You bet!” before quipping, “Five years later, we’ll release Season 3!”

“There are lots of stories involving wee Colin Robinson,” she hints, adding that “Laszlo is assuming a parental figure role in the hopes of raising Colin Robinson as a more interesting creature.”

Thursday’s Season 3 premiere (on Hulu) goes somewhere I was not expecting, and as such is surprisingly heartbreaking,

While Episode 3 involves arguably one of the series’ Star Trek TOS-iest landing party excursions ever.


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