iGaming Applications of Cloud Computing

Unparalleled payment security

Across all betting platforms, payment security is paramount. Let’s look at an example of one particularly prominent platform, the European betting site Paddy Power.

If you were to play bingo for real money at Paddy Power, you would make a deposit to purchase your e-bingo card or wager on a “slingo” spin.

Real-time betting

One of the most in-demand iGaming products in recent years has been real-time, “in-play” betting. With these, players can bet live on unfolding sports events such as the Super Bowl.

This requires a constant flow of data and inputs into iGaming platforms that operate sportsbooks. Traditional data support infrastructure is less able to handle this.

Enhanced scalability

Across all industries, the scalability of cloud computing has been touted as a major draw.

Without being constrained by physical infrastructure, high-growing companies such as Netflix or Twitch can rely on the cloud to scale their operations up and down as needed in just a few clicks.


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