IBM Watson Vs Microsoft Bot.

A chatbot is one of the oldest envisioned use cases for Artificial Intelligence. This article features a comparative analysis between IBM Watson and Microsoft Bot – the top two chatbot stocks.

With a current market stock of US$135.92, a 1.11% decrease from the previous close, IBM is leading the chatbot world. With its AI technology IBM Watson, it is utilized in all industries.

IBM Watson is a data analytics processor that leverages natural language processing for analyzing human speech to understand the meaning of human speech and syntax.

From making a series of Window processors for computers, to heavily investing in the research and development of AI,

Microsoft’s contribution is equated in both the evaluation of computers & that of Artificial Intelligence. The current market stock of Microsoft is US$277.35, a 4.36% decrease from the previous close.

IBM Watson Conversation Service provides tools for building good natural language understanding components for a chatbot.

With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, you can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand.

Microsoft Bot Framework offers bot connectors for different messaging platforms, bot builder SDK,

And a bot directory to build and deploy highly advanced bots for your users to enrich their conversational experiences.

Moreover, with Cortana, you can build advanced analytics and machine learning into your business applications.

Thanks to the likely growth in the cloud, Microsoft will probably continue to experience double-digit profit increases despite its upcoming challenges.

Nonetheless, IBM appears positioned to offer more profit potential in the end. Investors can buy the company at a considerably lower valuation and collect a much larger dividend.

Moreover, the success IBM has experienced with attracting clients bodes well for IBM’s hybrid cloud offerings.


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