How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency


This cryptocurrency is considered an altcoin, a sarcastic meme coin and a community-driven token as it operates as the governing token of the platform.

After launching, the DOGE Token had limited value but as of today, the token has successfully established its place as one of the top ten biggest coins by market cap.

But the coin is not just popular because of the mem. Dogecoin is famously supported by Billionaire Elon Musk who continues as a consistent supporter.


Currently, in its presale stage, Mushe (XMU) has made big headlines and is being coveted by every investor.

It is concerned with improving user experience as well as popularising blockchain adoption by increasing accessibility of digital assets for the everyday investor.

More so, the creators express concern about educating the average citizen on digital currencies and financial management.


Ether is currently the second largest currency in the crypto market, just after Bitcoin.

It is the utility token of the Ethereum network which is a decentralised open-source blockchain system with smart contract functionality.

The platform mainly provides digital money, global payments, and applications but investors are grateful that Ethereum managed to popularise DeFi and many other innovative features.


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