How Instagram Uses Big Data and AI.

Instagram’s use of AI and Big Data has contributed immensely to creating a personalized feed for each user.

Creating Personalized Feed

With roughly 1.1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has grown beyond a platform just for sharing pictures and video content.

Initiating Targeted Advertising

Cyberbullying and sharing of offensive content are becoming rampant on social media apps. Statistics have shown that around 42% of young people experience.

Blocking Offensive Contents

The Explore page is the holy grail of Instagram. This search tool is enabled by the integration of artificial intelligence.

Searching the Explore Page

With so much stuff being shared on the app every day,  it is likely that a few will be spam. The question is, what methods does Instagram use to identify spam messages?

Filtering and Blocking Spam

With Big Data, it is easy for an app like Instagram to understand human behavior through the content they share. Since there is a lot of content shared daily.

Studying Human Behavior

Instagram has remained relevant over the years because of its engagement and interaction potential.

Increasing Engagements with Instagram Bots

This technology was created to assist individuals with hearing impairments in keeping up with the rest of the world.

AI-Powered Automatic Caption on IGTV

Instagram is leveraging Big Data to perform crisis communication. The Ebola outbreak, Hurricane Sandy, the California wildfires, and the COVID-19 pandemic all prove this.

Crisis Communication

To wrap this up, we have to mention how Instagram has used Big Data and AI to revolutionize image recognition.

Description Tailored for Visually Impaired People


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